Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Senator Biden and My Cuz...!!!!

Senator Biden visited my birthplace today---Mansfield, Ohio----and here he is with my first first cousin....(my mom and her sister married two guys who were brothers)---I know it sounds weird----but it's not...thus Kathy is my first first cousin....she is a fantastic middle class mom, four kids, PTA goin', every sporting event her kids are involved in soccer mom---and she is NOT running for VP.....

The pic is from the local newspaper in Mansfield (Mansfield News Journal/Dave Polcyn) where my dad apprenticed as an offset pressman many years ago. If ever there was a town that needed CHANGE Mansfield is it----Westinghouse, several steel companies and many other manufacturing businesses vacated a long time ago and this town where my paternal grand parents immigrated from Austria to escape WWI is a desolation.

Kathy's daughter---Nicole---works for the Obama Campaign in Mansfield.

For some reason this is just so cool!

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