Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin: Iraq war 'a task that is from God'

All pandering aside, (which is really what Senator McCain and the RNC are doing by selecting Sarah Palin for the vice presidential position in our upcoming election), this kind of mindset is very typical of fundamentalism/evangelicalism, and should truly frighten all of us---the belief that something like the war in Iraq, (I have still not seen the act of Congress which started this "war"), is a "task from God" begins with a certain worldview and theology,(aka brainwashing), and a mindset that rivals the so called Islamic fundamentalists in its presumptuousness.

The Republican speakers last evening which preceded Ms. Palin all had the continued fear mongering content in their speeches which Republican rhetoric cannot seem to escape. It makes me think that the marketing of fear is an integral plank in the Republican agenda.

Marketing fear is the only way it appears that the R's will stay in power as there is no new substance to John McCain or Sarah Palin----they even may be worse for us than George Bush. President Bush won his terms in office using the same fear mongering techniques: using fear as a means of manipulation, and he used it again himself the other night as well when he addressed the RNC.

This is nothing new among conservatives and particularly among conservative christian broadcasters: fear and hate of anyone pro-choice, the "liberals," "the homosexuals," or whatever boogey man increases their bank accounts through donations is standard operating procedure. I used to be part of all that and it is a fact: when donations were down or we were attempting to raise money, christian broadcasters always resorted (and continue to resort) to at least the two "fears" which enables them to empty the wallets of some pretty gullible evangelical/fundamentalist followers: abortion and the "threat of the homosexuals."

Fear of "terrorism" is also a favorite topic for conservatives and christian broadcasters----and I hope people finally see that this type of misdirection and fear mongering has a purpose: to keep people's eyes off of the real problem---the fear mongerers themselves----who will resort to most any tactic that enables them to keep their elected office including but not limited to using apocalyptic imagery and the word "crisis" used over and over again. Enough, already!

Huckabee, Romney, Guiliani and Palin all were guilty of fear mongering last night in their speeches. The shrill, ascorbic and mocking words which Palin engaged in last night were truly reprehensible and indicative of many things I will discuss in the days ahead: namely, what and who we really need to fear in my opinion...

Some of the journalists (from CNN surprisingly) covering Palin's speech last night described it as a "great speech...very effective..." Please-----I have heard better presentations during high school debate competitions.

Just because Palin can read a teleprompter and deliver a very crafted set of words does not make this young woman adequate or qualified for potentially becoming the president of the United States.

Her church's theology (and very likely her own as well) makes her even less qualified for such a position----anyone that believes and teaches that "God" bypasses your mind to speak to you and requires that you undergo an altered state of consciousness to prove you know God (aka "baptism of the Holy Spirit") is not qualified to be a dog catcher let alone a leader of the United States of America in my opinion.

The pandering to an obviously ignorant conservative /evangelical/fundamentalist community who would vote for Idi Amin if he was wrapped in a flag and said, "God bless America," enough times is truly amazing. (I know---I used to be part of this community and even when I was part of them criticized the evangelicals and fundies for this mindless, ignorant approach to many things especially politics...)

Anyone who would even suggest, let alone state dogmatically during a sunday school class, that the current war in Iraq is a "task from God" needs to be scrutinized very carefully and feared. Such statements bespeak a much more serious problem and danger.

I would be very interested in hearing the basis for such a statement by Ms. Palin. How does she know that the war in Iraq is a "task from God?"

I already know the answer-----and it has to do with her "christian experience," and is not based on any factual, rational, logical, informed decision but on a "feeling." God wanted her to build the Alaskan pipeline too, remember?....."Drill baby drill...." (I cannot even imagine sentient beings opening up their mouths and repeating something like that at a political convention---childish, ignorant and unworthy of being called adult activity...but I may be asking too much of the Republican delegates who uttered such nonsense...certainly their intellect is in question anyway.)

The Nazis also believed they were acting on a "mission from God." Most every tyrant and mass murderer that has graced the earth with their presence did as well....More on this tomorrow.

When someone starts talking about a political agenda being "the will of God," look out-----any action from that point on can be justified as the "will of God"----especially for a political pragmatist like Sarah Palin....we used to call this species "chameleons..."

All I have to say at this point about Sarah Palin is: BEWARE---there is more to the "hottest vp" candidate than initially appears. (People actually have political buttons on that say this at the Republican convention.)

Until later....

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