Sunday, September 07, 2008

Palin and Pentecostalism: An Altered State of Consciousness

I would suggest that the altered state of consciousness that is taught, peddled and required by the Assemblies Of God and like minded charismatic/pentecostal/dominionist groups is a very important issue that is being ignored by the press largely due to their ignorance of understanding of this form of brainwashing technique and the affects it has on its adherents.

The experience has a deep and profound affect on those who undergo this form of brainwashing. The experience provides, according to its adherents, the means of “hearing God’s voice” and a disconnect from reality. I really cannot imagine someone in or near the Oval Office who regularly, as a part of their spirituality, disconnects from reality and hears voices that tell her for example that the war in Iraq is "God’s task." What else will "God's voice" tell her? Who might be next on "God's Hit List" when God speaks to sister Sarah? I have some ideas about who based on the teaching and doctrine of Pentecostals and Dominionists....and in the end, anyone who opposes these folks could be candidates for public cursing and imprecatory prayers offered to God to bring about their death and demise. As the Dominionists constantly say, "There is NO neutrality." Someone's worldview and beliefs are imposed on others every day. Deciding what is right and what is wrong is the assertion of some set of beliefs.

If these type of people had access to the Oval Office or Vice President's ear, do you really doubt what might happen? Ms. Palin can deny all she wants that she would impose her religious views on others----that is what stealth is all about.

Don't believe that? I have been the object of those kinds of prayers myself. Dominionist theology is quite lethal to a number of people if enforced.

If you want a bird's eye view of what this experience produces, take a look at the Trinity Broadcasting Network, possibly the largest Dominionist/Pentecostal media outlet in the world. These people mean business and the common altered state of consciousness which they share with one another transcends all boundaries and doctrinal teaching.

Think about the possible ramifications on a host of very important issues let alone that we could be involved in all kinds of “holy wars…”

Couple this altered state experience with the Dominionist worldview and doctrine and you have what is quite possibly the entryway into a full blown "Inquisition" type fiasco. At the very least, Palin in the Whitehouse given her background and "brainwashing" is a very bad idea.

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