Sunday, April 12, 2009


I and some friends have been involved in a nasty legal battle for the past year.

A former "Christian friend" of mine took advantage of a situation and stole a corporate bank account from us. We brought suit to regain control.

These particular folks are not your average bear. They are of the Christian Patriot persuasion-----tax evasion schemes, anti government, etc...----and have no problem when praying to ask God to "get rid of" their opponents.

They have of course mentioned a certain someone in their prayers....

The legal expenses involved are large. I am going to be straight forward about it and say that any help at this point would be Providential and is very much needed.

You may use the Paypal link on this page or email me for more information.

Any contributions to the Legal Relief Fund will be appreciated more than you can know.

Thanks ahead of time.


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