Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Modern Day Thoughts

The following words by Justin Hayward have been part of my life since childhood. They provoked me to thought today when I read them again.

Hope they provide the same to you.

The Editor

I Know You're Out There Somewhere

(Justin Hayward)

I know you're out there somewhere
Somewhere somewhere
I know I'll find you somewhere
And somehow I'll return again to you

The mist is lifting slowly
I can see the way ahead
And I've left behind the empty streets
That once inspired my life
And the strength of the emotion
Is like thunder in the air
'Cos the promise that we made each other
Haunts me to the end

I know you're out there somewhere
Somewhere somewhere
I know you're out there somewhere
Somewhere you can hear my voice
I know I'll find you somehow
Somehow somehow
I know I'll find you somehow
And somehow I'll return again to you

The secret of your beauty
And the mystery of your soul
I've been searching for in everyone I meet
And the times I've been mistaken
It's impossible to say
And the grass is growing
Underneath our feet


The words that I remember
From my childhood still are true
That there's none so blind
As those who will not see
And to those who lack the courage
And say it's dangerous to try
Well they just don't know
That love eternal will not be denied


You know it's going to happen
I can feel you getting near
And soon we'll be returning
To the fountains of our youth
And if you wake up wondering
In the darkness I'll be there
My arms will close around you
And protect you with the truth


Anonymous said...

PK thanks for this post. I messaged you through hoverspot several times. But not sure you got them. I just wanted to say. I am eating better now and my head is clearer and I am able to think better. So now I understand the comments on fundamentalism and such that you made on your blog. The new eating will cost be about 100 a month. But 81 of that is in foodstamps. So I will survive. I think. And even if I have to cut down at least I can do so and still possibly survive well enough. Anyway thank you for your blog and thank you for moderating comments as I really don't know what I would do if this one actually posted. No more crazy dreams for a while thank the Lord. And if you read your hover spot last messages I wrote you I think I found out one possible reason why I had such crazy dreams. For years though I couldn't figure out what my problem was. I was so frustrated and you weren't helping me sighs. And I don't just share that stuff with anyone. Anyway, I was talking to my grandma the other day and we were talking about you. And I realized how old I am and how old you are now. It is really funny how time flies. Funny thing about that song or poem you posted. Not sure who it is talking about really. But it is a nice thought and there is some truth inn it in my life with certain things. I have come a long way and I am sure I have along way to go yet. But I am I think finally resting in the Lord and His will for my life. And not getting all panicky and such. I have met a person at the church I currently attend and talking with her when I have something troubling me does help a lot. Anyway enough said. I think you actually have improved. When I said to you on hoverspot how you said you were naive and such earlier. I just couldn't believe that. I still don't. However you have seemed to calm down you state things and you let others make the decisions. I think you always did that. But something is different now. But time, age, maturity and experience does that I guess. I have found some Christian friends that well we just hit it off right away. I never thought I would like socializing much but these young ladies are around my age and they are believers and we share a lot of the same interests in reading and such. And that does help. But really I don't want to ramble. I hope you keep posting to your blog. Thanks for the last post. PK if you ever wish to visit feel free. Or to call. But I am telling you now it doesn't matter anymore whether you do or not. I know we will see each other again some day. Don't know when. But some day we will. Pray for me please that I stay on this food eating habit as it does stablize me and it clears my head of fogginess and makes me think more clearly so I don't get all mixed up. I still don't understand polotics. But with a clearer head perhaps I can at least make wise decisions. God bless you. Jessica

shelley baldridge said...

Yes, those are very thought provoking words, I had not heard of that song so thank you for sharing. It seems I may know you from somewhere, if you recognize my name I would enjoy hearing from you! ( If I’ve mistaken you for someone else, please forgive me. Thank you for your thoughts on this blog; may God bless you.