Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On Being Real----With Yourself to Begin With....

Several of my friends and me have been traveling a road of great illumination lately with other family and purported friends who would characterize themselves as fundamentalists. What is really amazing is that the path we each travel has revealed more than we could ever have dreamed (or dared ask for) regarding the true nature of this movement and the people who align themselves as possessors of "the truth."

Two consistent themes in all of these experiences are the fundamentalists' refusal to be true to themselves and be real with themselves. It almost seems as if fundamentalism imposes a self executing system of denial/justification in people. Fundamentalists are taught to repeat the mantras of fundamentalism and pretend....to their own detriment and eventual destruction, and the damage of everyone around them.

"If you have Jesus, everything be ok," is the famous statement made by a no doubt well meaning "christian" to me in assessing circumstances and events of which they have no experience and probably will never experience.

This statement was made to me in the midst of behavior and activity on the other person's part which can hardly be characterized as "christian" in any way, shape or form. This mantra, in my opinion, was used to dismiss the experience of which we were speaking (particularly horrific, life altering and damaging circumstances I might add) and actually is a mantra often used by these same fundamentalists to disguise their real intent and personal agendas. Pharisees, using "spirituality" to cover their own real condition: whited sepulchers full of dead mens bones, as Someone once said.

The real intent in this particular situation on the part of the fundamentalists who were at the meeting was to hide the fact that they were in the process of taking something that does not belong to them: theft. All manner of avarice and malevolence is disguised by these types of folks and justified in the name of God----not a new thing by any stretch of the imagination---the Roman Catholic Church still believes that The Inquisition was a service for God. So too fundamentalism has adopted this Romanish philosophy and largely for the same reasons: power and control.

Fundamentalism, among other things, and those who profess or adhere to such a system of belief, creates monsters----stinted, retarded (intellectually, emotionally and spiritually) people who deny their own humanity, stuff their emotions, devalue human life (strange since they say they are "pro-life") especially if the other human life does not adhere to their "system of belief" (aka brainwashing) and use fear to manipulate each other and the people around them, mollify each other, and basically give each other a type of spiritual/emotional reciprocal masturbation ceremony. Harsh words? I know; vulgar?....maybe.....Truthful? Definitely!

Juxtaposed to their supposed belief in ultimate morality and eventual judgment is their day to day behavior and decisions....based entirely on their own brand of self centered, destructive deception----motivated by their own inner demons....with which they refuse to address or deal ---fingers in ears---repeat after me---la la la la la.......kill the queers, the abortionists, the Iraqis, and anyone who dares question their system of belief.

I mean, come on, look at the physical condition of someone like Jerry Falwell before he passed----you get the idea that he spent a great deal of time on something (the physical evidence was before us)---and the circumference of his waist line was probably a good indication of what he spent time on......and he was not the only one who fits that profile...

Fundamentalists, in many respects, are the ultimate consumers.......constantly "feeding" themselves, (literally and figuratively), coddling themselves, making themselves feel better because, after all, "they have the truth and no one else does".....all the while never questioning themselves nor seeing that their lives and behavior fit within no Biblical parameters which exist. They are also easily manipulated if their "food supply" is threatened......like a junky is, actually, and as recent experience has proven, equally as vicious as a junky when he cannot get his fix.

Hatred, fear, self deception, malevolence, avarice, guilt--------these are things which have been revealed in living color over the past few months in my and my friend's journeys...

I have also begun to experience an inner thankfulness that I am no longer part of their deception and illusion....as painful as the process has been that brought about this realization on my part, anyway....

The value of human life to me now is this:

On one moment, on one day, one person (each of us) was brought in to this world. Unique and beautiful, and ugly; generous and stingy and selfless and selfish; good, bad and ugly. There are no duplicates....and if God took the time and effort to create such beings, who am I to look at him and tell Him he made a mistake?

And who am I to hate that which He brought into being?.........He made no mistake....He made me who I am and what I am----as He does each one of us.

Deal with it!

Be Real with yourself...to begin with....

Just a musing for the day.....


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