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Forget Impeachment: Grab The Tar And Feathers by Chuck Baldwin March 13, 2007

(Chuck Baldwin comes up with yet another controversial opionon re the war in Iraq---I do not agree with Chuck's opinion re the death of Sadaam Hussein, however---I do care that such an atrocity and sham of justice occurred without bringing all of the players---Bush, Cheney, most of the U.S. House and Senate and the private corporate individuals---- into the courtroom with him to face charges of crimes against humanity. All of these folks have committed acts as heinous as he did and continue to commit acts of greater debauchery-----This article should be yet another proof to Christian broadcasting facilities that they should be listening to and making available via their facilities ALL of the Christian opinions out there rather than just regurgitating the spin of the current administration's lies and mistruths.

It is undisputed fact that the United States put Sadaam Hussein in power, provided various forms of weapons (including chemical weapons) to him, financed and underwrote his authority and power, while he remained beneficial to the private corporate interests which obviously run our government and its international policy. The list of US erected despots doesn't stop with Sadaam: Manuel Noriega, The Shah, the Mujahadin in Afghanistan and yes, even the CIA trained and funded Osama bin Laden.

Why do these nation makers and breakers believe they have the right to engineer the governments of sovereign nations? Only to depose and murder those whom we initially treated as "friends," though I use that term very loosely. And how do these facts get by the American public at large? (I understand how it gets by the Christian community---and I will refrain from going further with that thought as I only have very unkind things to say in that regard.)

I pray that the Christian broadcasters across this country and the broadcasting facilities would stop with the repetition of the mindless mantra in support of an obviously corrupt and malevolent group of people who use religion as a stalking horse for their own political and financial enurement at the cost of our liberties and the lives of our children. --Editor)

In this column last week, I asked the question, Should President George W. Bush be impeached? The specific precursor for that question was the guilty verdict of former White House insider Lewis "Scooter" Libby. In my mind, that trial and subsequent conviction demonstrated that there is more than enough circumstantial evidence to warrant a thorough investigation into whether President Bush willfully manipulated evidence regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq and whether he deliberately lied to the American people in order to justify a pre-determined plan to launch a preemptive attack on that country.

In all the years of writing this column, I cannot recall one that elicited more response, positive and negative. Furthermore, respondents were split evenly down the middle. Half wanted to enshrine my face on Mount Rushmore, while the other half wanted to personally cast me into the lake of fire.

A brief digression regarding the WMD matter is the critically important question as to whether the White House believed Saddam Hussein had WMD CAPABLE OF THREATENING THE UNITED STATES. Emphasis is added on purpose, as most of the "Of-course-Iraq-had-WMD" crowd seem to equate Hussein's use of intermediate WMD against the Kurds with the ability to pose a "clear and present danger" to the United States. The two are not remotely related.

Please don't misunderstand me. I could not care less that Saddam Hussein is dead. He died the way most dictators die. He lived by the sword; he died by the sword. Or, by the rope, actually.

However, please remember that Saddam Hussein killed the Kurds because they staged a violent insurrection against his reign. What do you think George Bush would do if a group of people violently tried to oust him from power? I seem to recall a President and Attorney General sending tanks and helicopter gun ships against mostly old men, women, and children outside Waco, Texas, a few years back. And those poor folks had no intention of overthrowing the Texas capital, much less Washington, D.C.

The relevant question is not, Did Iraq have WMD, but did they have WMD CAPABLE OF THREATENING THE UNITED STATES? Everyone now knows the answer to that question is, no, it did not. But what we don't know is, When did President Bush know the answer to that question?

If our President knew that Iraq did not pose a "clear and present danger" to the security of the United States, and if he deliberately deceived the American people and sent more than 3,000 of America's finest to their deaths for ulterior motives (whatever they were), the man is certainly guilty of "high crimes" and should be impeached, at the very least.

Frankly, I don't know the answer to that question, and I don't know anyone who does (outside Bush and his inner circle). Therefore, I stand behind my initial statement that we need a thorough investigation to find out the truth. It would seem to me that, regardless of where each of us falls down politically, we would want to know the answer to that question. Unless we are afraid of the truth, of course.

All of that aside, there is one grievance that is sticking like a bone in my throat about this administration: its careless disregard for the security of our national borders. President Bush, along with Senators Ted Kennedy and John McCain, are in the process of turning America into a third world country. Their attempt to provide amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens and to virtually vanquish our national borders is nothing short of criminal. As President, Mr. Bush has taken it even further than that.

Without congressional oversight or knowledge, President Bush committed the United States to a trilateral union with Mexico and Canada. He put his stamp of approval upon a mammoth NAFTA superhighway. He has given the green light for thousands of Mexican trucks to enter the United States. He has turned his back on American Border Patrol agents who were simply trying to enforce our country's immigration laws. And he has done all this with impunity.

What makes President Bush's policy of open borders even more egregious is the argument that some Bush apologists make by saying that Iraq's limited WMD could be snuck into the United States, and, therefore, we had to invade Iraq. Well, duh! If President Bush really believed that Iraq was going to smuggle WMD into America, why did he not close the borders?

Furthermore, countries that most certainly do have WMD capable of threatening the United States include Russia and China. Does anyone (George W. Bush included) believe we should invade those countries? The fact is, if terrorists from any country have smuggled WMD into the U.S., we can thank President Bush and his fellow travelers in Congress for opening the door.

The reason that Congress is unwilling to stop President Bush on the open borders issue is because Democrats and Republicans alike are on the take. Democrats are appeasing their radical, multiculturalist cronies and Republicans are appeasing their Chamber of Commerce sugar daddies. Neither the Jackasses nor the Pachyderms give a flip about what is best for middle-class America or whether what they are doing will eventually destroy the sovereignty and independence of our country.

With or without Iraq, President Bush is a disaster. And Congress (with either party in charge) is no better. If we lived in the old days, we would not be talking about impeachment, we would be grabbing the tar and feathers.

© Chuck Baldwin

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Hey Dave, this is a minority view among Christians!

God bless!

Andrew Waller (hey, blast from your past, eh!)