Friday, August 04, 2006

What is Going on in Lebanon?---No, Really!

My sister's husband is from Lebanon just north of Beirut. (For obvious reasons I will not divulge the town at this point.) His family still lives there though currently not exactly in their home---they live out doors.

My brother-in-law comes from a very old Maronite Catholic family who treasure each other in a way that only those from the Middle East really understand. Right now, it is hard for him to speak with his family as the telephone lines are not always available for obvious reasons.

The view from his non-Muslim perspective is something quite different than most Americans really want to hear about---but I think we should. The black out in our media here in America as compared to other national news services around the globe is really a frightening indication of just how deep the corruption and control in this country goes.

V for Vendetta comes to mind.

I am, in the next few days, going to attempt to communicate this other viewpoint since the American media has iced the coverage to obey its master.

Pray for my brother-in-law's family. They have personally suffered the ravaging of both Israeli and Muslim combatants----and you might be surprised who is the greater agressor.

More news coming your way.

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