Sunday, July 02, 2006

Patriotism v. American Imperialism

I watched the movie Syriana last night. If you want a glimpse of the machinations of "American" policy around the globe, take a look at it.

The relationships of American business as executed through governmental agencies are really frightening. I see nothing patriotic in this kind of behavior: manipulating commerce and sovereign nations so as to profit from it and removing any "obstacles" to their agenda stopping short of nothing. Read Ron Paul's speech below. He mentions this.

The reaction of Muslim nations to us may have been precipitated by events of which we are unaware. This does not take into account the "wag the dog" policy of our government which must always be factored in in ascertaining who really is manipulating circumstances.

Remember, "Create a problem; solve a problem," is the philosophy of those who hold power. It guarantees job security as well.

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